We are blessed to participate in this holy sacrament of baptism with you and your family! We believe that by choosing to be baptized, you are being connected to the body of Christ, the larger church family of God. The baptismal covenant is connectional in nature, made in public and witnessed by others who vow to support you in nurturing development into the kingdom of God. 

What is the significance of baptism?

We believe that baptism is one of the two sacred acts that Jesus commanded his followers to practice. Throughout Christian history, baptism has been understood as the “sacrament of initiation” or entry into a life in Christ. We do not believe it is necessary for salvation, but it marks the beginning of the journey of faith and discipleship that lasts throughout a lifetime.

What do we believe regarding baptism?

We believe that the community of believers within the church are in a covenant relationship with God, and when baptized, a person becomes part of the church and is brought into that covenant. We believe that all this happens because of God’s grace and the unmerited, unconditional, love of God for the world. Baptism is the outward sign in an inward transformation. Baptism also that symbolizes the cleansing, renewing, and life-giving grace of God which we experience within our hearts.

I was baptized earlier in life but would like to do it again. Can I be baptized again?

Since we view baptism as a gift from God, we do not believe there is ever a need to be re-baptized. God got it right the first time, regardless of who else participated, when, or where it happened. We recognizes and honor all Christian baptisms should they be infant or adult.

Must I get my child baptized?

Because we believe that God’s grace reaches us out to us before we even know we need it (or know how to ask for it), we believe in baptizing infants, children, and adults. The claim of baptism on our lives is a powerful expression of God’s love and grace offered to each of us even when we are unable, or before we can begin, to respond to God. But in short, no. Infant baptism is not required. Parents decided if they want their children baptized into the community of faith. Should you forgo baptizing your child, ask one of our ministers about a child/ baby dedication.


How can I plan for my child to be baptized or dedicated?

We believe that by choosing to have your child baptized, or dedicated, you are being connected to the body of Christ, the larger church family of God. To schedule a baptism or a dedication, contact our parish office (336) 891-2228, or email


I’m ready to join Christ The Liberator, but I haven’t been baptized. What’s next?

To schedule a baptism, contact our parish office (336) 891-2228, or email