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To join the church, simply speak with one of our ministers who will walk you through the process. They may be reached by contacting the church office, sending an email, visiting our website, or speak with them after the worship service. If you have not been baptized, that is often the first step in joining. Baptism is a symbol signifying a new way of being. Many people find it meaningful, but is not required for membership. It is not a difficult process, and you will be surprised how fulfilling and fun being part of a faith community can be! We only ask two things to be a member: consistent support of our service to the community, and affirming Jesus Christ as Lord by following his teachings and example.


That is perfectly fine! One of the benefits of joining CTL is that we allow dule affiliation. That means we will allow you to become a full-fledged member of CTL while retaining your other church membership​, regardless of denomination. If you decided that you want to leave your other church completely, that is also okay. Just ask the minister you speak with to write a letter of transfer of your behalf.

How can I join the church?

What if I already have a church?