A Celebration of Life, also know as a funeral, following the death of a loved one does a few different things:

1) It enables us to face the reality of our loved ones’ mortality (as well as our own).

2) It comforts us in the celebration of another reality, life in God after death.

3) It gives us the assurance that we are not alone, and that in life and in death we belong to God.

4) It allows us to express our emotions in healthy ways by morning and remembering the one who has passed.

A funeral can present a bewildering array of details to be resolved in a short span of time. As we work with you to plan your loved one’s service, we will walk you through these details so you’ll know how the church can help you during this difficult time.

How do I report a death and request a service?

Call our parish office at (336) 891-2228, or contact one of our ministers directly. We will guide you and your family through the funeral planning process.

Where can a funeral service be held? 

At this current time we are unable to provide funeral service space for a funeral to be held. We can work with the funeral home of your choice to utilize their chapel.  


May I request a particular Christ The Liberator pastor to conduct the service?

Yes, subject to their availability. If you don’t have a preference, we will designate a pastor. You will meet with him/her to plan the service content.

May I have an outside pastor (including a family member) conduct the service?

At the family’s request and upon agreement with the Christ The Liberator's officiating pastor, another ordained minister may participate in the service. The Christ The Liberator minister will serve as the lead pastor, who will preach and preside over the service.

How much lead time is required?

To provide your family and our staff with adequate planning time, we require a minimum of two business days between death notification/service request and the day of the service.


Who plans the service?

You will meet with the officiating pastor. They will guide you in decisions on the service’s content within our worship framework. Other family members may participate in this meeting if desired, but it’s best to appoint one person as the family contact regarding ongoing decisions.

What does the service consist of?

Being a rite of the church, a funeral is—first and foremost— a worship service. The elements of the service include scripture passages, music, creeds, responsive readings, prayer, words of remembrance from family or friends, and words of faith (the pastor’s message). Words of Remembrance are optional,  and usally consist of brief eulogies by family or friends. A general rule of thumb for a five-minute speech is 750 words.