Parish Leadership


Bishop Brandon Anderson

Bishop Brandon Anderson (he/him) is the founder and Pastor of Christ The Liberator Church in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. A native of Wilkes County, Bishop Anderson was ordained into the ministry at the age of seventeen, accepting the call to Pastor at Potato Creek Church in Mount of Wilson, Virginia. In 2004, Bishop Anderson accepted the call to Pastor at Peak Creek Presbyterian Church in Laurel Springs, North Carolina, until founding Christ The Liberator in 2017. Bishop Brandon was consecrated as a Bishop within the Reformed Lutheran Church of America on Sunday October 31, 2021 (Reformation Sunday).

Bishop Brandon and his husband, Zachary, live with their three dogs Maggie, Ada, and Fitz. In their spare time, they enjoying hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, antiquing, baking sweet treats, and gardening.   

Bishop Anderson's background is made up of different denominations, believing that all are loved of God and that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God! We welcome you to Christ The Liberator where all are loved, no exceptions!

Parish Council members are representatives of the parish community who provide leadership and consultation with Bishop Brandon and other parish staff for the spiritual, liturgical, educational, social, and other activities of the parish. Each council member generally serves a term of 3 years. Parish Council members are recommended by Bishop Brandon and are voted on by the congregation during our congregational meetings. The parish council is composed of all ordained clergy serving the parish and two lay members of the parish. 

The council meets with Bishop Brandon monthly to discuss and vote on various agenda items concerning the parish community. The dates and times of the council meetings are listed in the weekly bulletin and on the church calendar on the parish website. Regular council meetings are open to parishioners and a parishioner may present and discuss a matter in accordance with the church bylaws. Any parishioner who wishes to present a matter for the consideration of the council may also do so by submitting the topic in writing or email to the council or Bishop Brandon.

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Parish Council 
Bishop Brandon Anderson
Dr. Sharilyn Owens
Francisco Grimes - Hernandez


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Organist & Pianist 
Mark Fortier