Storytime with Pastor Grizzly & Bishop Brandon

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Everyone, including Pastor Grizzly, loves to hear a good story. Join Christ The Liberator's favorite bear, along with Bishop Brandon and some of Pastor Grizzly's friends, for a story, song, and prayer.

New stories will be posted on our Facebook Page about twice a month. You can see all of Pastor Grizzly's videos and photos on Facebook and right here on our website. 

Advent Story Time with Pastor Grizzly! Today we learn about the Promise God Makes to Mary and An Angel Appears to Mary. From the Gospel of Luke Chapter 1.

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Celebrating The 504th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

Checkout this educational video about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation!

Story Time with Bishop Brandon & Pastor Grizzly! Today we learn about God’s Great Commandant LOVE


Reading for the Children of God Storybook Bible written by Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.